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Whole House Systems

Whole house systems connect to the rising main where water enters the premises and provide filtered water all around the house. There are two main types available, Standard and Heavy Metal Reduction.

Many people are concerned about the quality of water they drink but many doctors and scientists believe that the volumes of contaminants entering the body through the skin has been grossly underestimated.

For those truly worried about dangers of contaminants in water the Silverline whole house filter brings peace of mind.

For use with municipally treated/potable water only. When used with private supply a point of use filter should be fitted at the main drinking point. Installation by a qualified plumber is recommended.

We also supply either recharge systems or exchange cylinders for when your current system has exhausted the life of the media inside it.

The Whole house systems should not be confused with water softeners which are also manufactured by Silverline UK and which can be used in conjunction with the whole house systems to provide filtered, softened water. (Water softeners simply remove hard water salts from the water, not chemicals etc.) Click Here To View Water Softeners

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