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pH Unit With Backwash Head PSPHBW
  • PH unit PSPHBW
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pH Unit With Backwash Head PSPHBW

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Product Detail

This filter is designed to neutralize acidic water it will bring the pH up to 7.2 but no higher. This will prevent the acidic water damaging the copper plumbing in your house.

This pH correction filter is designed to be used in applications where there is a high particle content in the water the pH filter can be set to backwash at a set time to flush the filter out to stop the particles in the water blocking the filter.

As these filters are built at our workshops in devon we can make  them to nearly any size you have available. Please give us a call with your specific requirements.

The media dissolves as the water passes through it so will need topping up peridically depending on how much water you use and how low the pH is.

Regulation 31 approval by the Drinking Water Inspectorate.

Installation Guide




  • ·         The unit should be connected to the incoming water supply, as near to the well/borehole/spring as possible, but after the pressure tank if fitted. If used in conjunction with an Iron & Manganese Reduction Unit, the pH Unit should be fitted first (and any UV equipment for bacteria should be last on the line as close to point of use as possible).
  • ·         Installation should be carried out by a registered plumber who can advise of the best location. Everything following the pH unit is protected from problems caused by acidic water.
  • ·         The unit will require a media recharge periodically, depending on the untreated starting pH level and amount of water passed through the unit over time. Average 2 yearly. The media level must be sufficient to give enough contact time.
  • ·         For recharge and maintenance the fitting of isolation and by-pass valves for the filter is recommended.
  • ·         WARNING: The unit should not be exposed to negative pressure as this may cause collapse of the tank.


WARNING:     Riser tube must be kept central at all times.
Riser tube must not be raised out of the cylinder whilst fitting.

1.    Unscrew the valve head (black top) and remove completely

2.    Replace the riser tube and diffuser upright in the centre of the empty cylinder

3.    Holding the riser tube upright and central, pour the pH media into the cylinder using a funnel, ensuring none of the media goes into the riser tube

4.    Replace the valve head on the cylinder ensuring the riser tube fits into the allocated space in the centre of the valve.



  • WARNING:     The unit must be protected from potential frost damage, so appropriate lagging or winter heating at the installation location is recommended.

1.    Isolate the water supply and cut the incoming water supply pipe in the required location. We suggest fitting isolation and by-pass valves.

2.    Connect the incoming water supply pipe to the inlet of the PH unit using the appropriate plumbing fittings. DO NOT connect outlet.

3.    Turn water on to the unit slowly, and allow water to flush through the filter until the water runs clear (you may wish to connect a suitable hose to the outlet – not supplied). NB: Ensure by-pass valve closed if fitted.

4.    Once water has run clear, isolate the water supply again.

5.    Connect the other side of the water supply pipe to the outlet port of the filter using the appropriate plumbing fittings.

6.    Slowly turn on the water supply again and check all connections for leaks. The unit is now in service.

NB: Recommended maximum flow rate 23 litres per minute depending on starting pH level, for adequate contact time in order to neutralise the pH.

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