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SF09 Softener Recharge Pack

SF09 Softener Recharge Pack

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Product Detail

Softener recharge pack for a  SF09 

Pack includes:

  • Riser Tube complete with bottom screen
  • Top screen
  • Resin - 9litres

Softener resin may become slowly inactive over a period of time dependent on water quality and hardness; this is usually in the region of 10 years. This pack contains all the items you will need to recharge your softener thus ensuring the best possible softening performance.

Installation Guide


  •  Remove as much salt and water as possible from the salt cabinet.
  • Locate main stop cock and inlet/outlet valves to softener. There should also be a by-pass valve, which will be closed in normal operation (can be left closed during this procedure).
  • Close the inlet to softener, then open hot or cold tap to release pressure. Close the outlet from the softener.
  • Disconnect power transformer lead.
  • Disconnect inlet/outlet hoses/pipes at the softener and drain overflow pipes.

NB: If the inlet and outlet valve do not fully close, turn off water at main stop cock.

  • Remove whole unit salt cabinet and all in under a cupboard
  • Loosen grey tray cover from salt cabinet. Grip the valve body (NOT THE FRONT ELECTRICAL CONTROL BOX) and lift out with brine valve (grey tube with 3/8” clear pipe attached) and the top tray in one operation.
  • Clean out salt cabinet and salt tray (on later units) and put to one side. Make sure overflow elbow is tight.
  • Undo brine elbow nut with 3/8” clear pipe located on valve head. Disconnect brine valve (either a nut or pushfit connector) and clean with water.
  • Blow into the pipe to make sure it is clear with no blockage
  • Lift valve/resin vessel and grey tray cover to bench height. If possible with a 2nd person holding the vessel, grip the valve by the two elbows and unscrew the valve in an anti-clockwise direction. When undone lift the valve and riser tube out of the vessel.  If doing alone you may need to grip the vessel at ground level between your feet.
  • Empty old resin out of vessel into a carrier bag for disposal. Wash out the vessel and place new riser tube with the bottom screen into the centre of the vessel. 

NB: The riser tube should be about ½” below the top of the vessel.

  • Cover the hole at the top of the riser tube to make sure no resin goes inside.
  • Refill with new resin charge – Please read the health and safety advise before doing this! Remove old riser tube from valve and unscrew old top screen.
  • Wash old resin from valve, lubricate the threaded end of the top screen, the rubber ‘O’ Ring on the valve and the top of the riser tube with lube as provided. Screw on new top screen.
  • Place grey top cover over vessel and lower valve. Push on to riser tube making sure that the riser tube goes into the top screen.  Screw up TIGHT ensuring that the valve is not cross-threaded as you first tighten.


  • Re-connect 3/8” clear pipe to elbow on valve head. Re-connect brine valve to other end of 3/8” clear pipe.
  •  Lower assembly into brine tank and locate brine valve into hole in salt cabinet or salt tray (on later units), then push grey top cover evenly around and onto brine tank.
  • Re-install softener connecting all pipe work back, ensuring inlet/outlet and drain connections are good.
  • Open the tap that is fed first after the softener. Open the OUTLET valve from softener, then slowly open the INLET to softener until it is fully open and water runs clear from the open tap. There may be some cloudy discolouration to start with – allow to water to run clear.
  • Close tap, check for leaks and when satisfied connect the transformer lead. Reset time and any program settings as necessary.

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