Silverline UK Ltd, Manufacturers of Water Treatment Equipment

Silverline UK Ltd is a UK based manufacturer, wholesaler and retailer of a wide range of water treatment products. These include- Well & Borehole Treatment EquipmentIron & Manganese Removal, Nitrate Removal, Aluminium Reduction, Arsenic Removal, Turbidity Systems, Clay Filtration, ph Correction equipment to raise the pH. We manufacture Ultraviolet Systems to deal with bacteria. Under Counter Water Filters & Whole House Systems, Fitting Accessories and many other products including Taps and Special Offers.

As Silverline Uk manufacture water treatment systems we are able to make filtration equipment for many different applications domestic or commercial. We have specialist staff who understand the test reports provided by the testing labs so we can advise on the best filtration treatment system for your needs. Silverline carbon filters for water treatment contain bacteriostatic carbon to inhibit bacteria growth.

Whilst a well established company Silverline UK Limited remains a family run business and retains its policy of providing great products and the support to run them to their maximum efficiency. You can buy many products and accessories online without further contact but friendly staff are on hand to advise on products and help you buy the right item or mix of items to provide you with the perfect solution.

Please browse the site for further information and technical support on any of our products or please contact us directly for further information.

Remember unlike many other suppliers, we at Silverline, not only sell water filters and softeners but actually make them so we really can give the best advice.

If you are looking for a filtration system that is not on our website please contact us and we will see if we can help. We have many different contacts and suppliers through out the industry who we have worked closely with for many years.

Our ultra violet sterilisers have stainless steel casings which we designed with the manufacturer of the germicidal lamp to get the best performance from there product to make our ultra violet treatment systems work at optimum performance.

Silverline UV-DS, UV-CS, under counter systems and cartridges are WRAS approved so you know you are getting a high quality well tested product. To give you peace of mind we use a high quality activated carbon which is silver impregnated to ensure excellent bacteriostatic properties and effectively inhibit bacteria growth in our domestic filtration equipment.

Silverline Well & Borehole Systems Are Available To Treat: