Silverline UK Ltd, Manufacturers of Water Treatment Equipment

About Us

Silverline UK is a manufacturer of water filters and other water treatment products

Based in Devon, with distributors throughout Europe, Silverline UK Limited manufactures a wide range of water treatment systems and products.

Following more than two years of research, design and development, the first domestic filters were launched early in 1990. Today we are world leaders in the manufacture of water filtration and softening equipment with an extensive range of products covering domestic and commercial markets plus specialised equipment for well water and bore-hole treatment. With our professional approach and solid background we have established an excellent reputation within this fast growing industry, forming the basis for an exciting future.

Now well established in the industry our aim is to manufacture quality, efficient water treatment products and to bring them to the market place at a competitive price.

As with all forward thinking companies, innovation is high on our list of priorities and we are constantly developing and evaluating new products both in response to our changing environment and customer needs. Perhaps most important is customer service and support. If there is a problem or query about one of our products or simply a requirement for technical information, our carefully trained staff are pleased to assist.

That is why we have a policy of constant research and improvement.

Britain has always led the world in water treatment technology with the first carbon filter being manufactured in the UK in the 1800's. We at Silverline UK always strive to maintain our prime position in the water treatment industry and as a company proud of its integrity we pledge that we will always be honest, courteous and friendly.