Silverline UK Ltd, Manufacturers of Water Treatment Equipment


Specialist Bespoke Systems

At Silverline UK we regularly create and manufacture specific products to meet the customer’s water treatment needs.

Some examples of this are items such as a First Response Box which is a newly launched product that has been created to go into disaster areas, where no clean water is available. It takes out particles and sterilises the water using Ultra violet systems. This is done using an internal power supply from an incorporated battery or it can be connected to a car battery for power. This product is very versatile for cleaning water in normally unusable areas and therefore allows disaster response teams to go into desecrated areas and be able to provide clean water which in turn is saving lives.

Other items we have made for specific clients are small UV’s (Ultra Violet Sterilisation) which run on 12v (not the normal 240v) so as to be able to run from lower powered systems such as solar panels or a battery.

As we manufacture all elements of our water treatment products we are able to meet a wider range of specifications, so please get in touch and we can discuss the best way to meet your requirements.