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New Website. New Products. New Email Reminder Service



We now have UVDS55 with an audio alarm and warning lights. This extra feature gives you added peace of mind and security to know that it is providing you with safe water. It has a green light which is on while every thing is working properly. If the red light comes on this shows that the lamp is not lit. There will also be an audible noise to warn you that something has failed.

This system can also be linked to a building management system so a computer knows when the lamp is not lit.


We now have options to upgrade taps when you are buying complete systems. See the different taps available in the pictures below the product and down the right hand side. Just select the tap you like to come with your complete system and the price of the basic tap is deducted.


We have gone green! and now offer an email reminder service. This is sent out when your filter/cartridge/lamp or media needs replacing. The email lets you know the recommended life of your product has expired so you can ensure that your product is working to the best standard. Your reminder will give you the details of the replacement and you can then either order online or contact us by phone and we will take your order. Please add our email to your contacts list to ensure you receive the reminder.

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