Silverline UK Ltd, Manufacturers of Water Treatment Equipment

How does a water filter work

5. The fresh, wholesome water leaves the filter via the top or side outlet.

4. Final straining is performed by very small pore discs to remove any carbon fibres.

3. The water then passes through the media where chemicals and other contaminents are reduced.

2. The water passes through fine screens where particles and large bacteria are filtered out.

1. Untreated water enters the filter here.

Water filters are designed to improve the taste and/or quality of your water. The water is passed through different substances (filtration media) which act on the water to deal with assorted contaminants.

No one media can cure every problem. By blending different types within filters or supplying multi unit systems Silverline UK can provide products to combat common as well as unusual problems giving you the customer exactly what is required.