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Testing of under counter filters domestic

Under counter domestic filters - testing details

To ensure the quality of our products, verify performance and safety, a major British university has extensively tested Silverline filters. With redox alloy being a relatively new concept in water filtration in the UK, special emphasis was placed on the testing of the heavy metal reduction filters employing this media.

The certified test report clearly shows the water treated by the heavy metal reduction filters comforms in all respects to the statutory requirements specified by both the EEC directives on drinking water quality and World Health Organisation standards.

The filters tested showed the ability to remove a wide range of chemical species from the water even after 15,000 litres had been passed through. The efficiency of the redox/alloy/GAC unit under test appeared to decline only slightly compared to its performance "as new". Reductions in organics under test appear to be unaffected ie almost 100% reductions were maintained.

Comparable systems using specialised activated carbons (notably Bone charcoal) would be approaching the end of their effective lifespan with respect to metallic species at this throughput. Performance on nitrates and nitrites are particularly impressive since reductions in these species are not usually associated with activated carbons.

Levels of calcium and magnesium salts (generally regarded as beneficial for healthy nutrition) remain constant.

The product has demonstrated its ability to produce treated water of highly acceptable quality, even when challenged with contaminant levels at up to twice the maximum allowed concentrations.

Testing results tables