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Water Filter Taps and Accessories

We stock a large range of water filter taps and accessories such as under sink water chillers that provide ambient and chilled water direct to your filter tap as well as tap adaptors, diverter valves & tubing.

Our stylish range of single flow and triple flow taps can be used with most water filter systems and will complement your kitchen. Triple flow taps provide hot, cold and filtered water out of the same tap, obviating the need to have an extra single flow tap for your filtered water. Ideal if you do not want a separate tap or for instance if you have granite or marble worktop that can make the installation of an extra tap difficult.

Our single flow taps are available in many different styles with handle options such as flip lever & 1/4 turn operation. Spout options include long reach, short reach & swan neck. Single flow water filter taps can be fitted to either the corner of the sink unit or to the worktop next to the sink.
We have a selection of coloured taps to add extra interest to your under counter filter system.

If you require a full water filter system please visit Under Counter Water Filters or Cartridge Systems.

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  1. Water Filter Tap - T1 Bubble Tap

    Regular Price: £59.95

    Special Price £49.95

    Bubble tap. Stylish tall swan neck with a shiny chrome finish. Simple to use with a 1/4 turn of the lever. Learn More
  2. Water Filter Tap - T2 Droplet Tap

    Regular Price: £49.95

    Special Price £39.50

    Droplet tap. Tall swan style neck with an attractive curvey base. Easy to use with just a 1/4 turn of the handle. Learn More
  3. Water Filter Tap - T3/LF Lever Tap
    Lever tap with a tall swan neck in a modern style. Shiny chrome finish. Lead Free. Learn More
  4. Water Filter Tap - T4 Double Lever Tap
    Double lever tap. With a tall swan neck and a shiny chrome finish. 2 Levers to obtain drinking water from two separate sources. Learn More
  5. Water Filter Tap - T5 Bendy Tap
    Bendy tap. Tall tap with a bendy spout. Operated with 1/4 turn of the handle. Learn More
  6. Water Filter Tap - T6LR/LL Flip Lever Long Reach Tap
    Flip lever long reach tap. Simple easy to use filter tap, just hold the lever down for short flow or flip lever up for continuous flow. Learn More
  7. Water Filter Tap - T6SR/LL Flip Lever Short Reach Tap
    Flip lever short reach tap. Water filter tap with easy to use flip lever, hold down for short flow and up for continuous flow of water. Learn More
  8. Water Filter Tap - T7 Small Ceramic Tap
    Small ceramic water filter tap, Operate using a 1/4 turn of the handle. Compact and easy to use water filter tap. Learn More
  9. Water Filter Tap - T8 Star Tap
    Star tap, traditional style handle offers easy grip and clasic looking tap to dispence your filtered water easily. Shiny chrome finish. Learn More
  10. Water Filter Tap - T9 Large Ceramic Tap
    Ceramic large tap. For dispensing filtered water with a 1/4 turn of the handle. shiny chrome finish. Learn More

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