Silverline UK Ltd, Manufacturers of Water Treatment Equipment

Mini Water Filter Kits (UC06)

Mini Filter Systems are a compact, economical and convenient way to provide tasty wholesome drinking water for all the family.

Water is a natural resource and as it travels over land to our reservoirs it collects naturally occurring and man made substances –metals, herbicides, pesticides, chemicals and hardness salts. The water suppliers process the water using further chemicals to control germs and improve clarity. The most common is chlorine which can cause unpleasant taste and smell whilst aluminium and fluoride are other common additives. Some simply want water taste improved whilst others believe any substances present should be reduced as much as possible and require higher levels of filtration. Whatever the preference, be it simply water taste or deeper concerns about quality, with a choice of four models to meet different requirements the mini filter includes a model to suit every eventuality.

With adequate capacity to serve an average family these neat compact models will provide top quality drinking water for 6 months at less than 1p per litre.

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