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Water filters improve the taste and quality of your drinking water. If your water tastes and smells unpleasant or you expend time, money and energy buying and carrying home bottles of water a water filter will be perfect for you - tasty, wholesome drinking water freely available whenever you want it.

Silverline Water Filter systems are manufactured in the UK to the highest standards to provide tasty, wholesome, high quality drinking water at the turn of a tap. Silverline UK manufacture a wide range of domestic and commercial filtration equipment to suit any situation. Under sink systems, whole house units, portable systems for travelling or rental accommodation. Mini kits that contain a special media to inhibit lime scale formation, post filtration plus caravan & fridge and under sink replacement water filters are some of the products we can provide.

All Silverline water filter systems contain a high quality activated carbon which is silver impregnated to ensure excellent bacteriostatic properties and effectively inhibit bacteria growth.

Water filtration is largely achieved by passing water through different substances (media) which act on the water to remove assorted types of contamination. There are two main types of Water Filter media used in our filters.

Standard Carbon (GAC) - Filters combat chlorine and chemicals to simply improve the taste, odour and appearance of the drinking water. By reducing chlorine in the mains drinking water as well as herbicides and pesticides. Carbon is the best known way of removing oestrogen.

Heavy Metal Reduction - Filters contain a mix of filtration media, granular activated carbon and a redox alloy. The carbon deals with chlorine and chemicals whilst the redox alloy combats a wide range of heavy metals, including lead and aluminium, plus fluoride and nitrates.

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  1. Caravan Water Filter CVF2S
    Standard Caravan GAC Carbon Water Filter To Improve The Taste And Smell Of The Drinking Water. Learn More

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