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Timed Water Softeners

In our timed softeners, regeneration frequency is set by a time clock which allows the softener to clean itself at set periods, usually around 2.00am when there is little or no water usage. They are most suitable for families with fairly regular water usage. The customer can set regeneration time and frequency ensuring a plentiful supply of softened water as needed and regular flushing to comply with EEC directives. The full flow 15mm fitting kit ensures a good water flow.

SF04T - Households up to 3 people
SF09T - Average family
SF14T - Larger families

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  1. Small, timed water softener SF04T

    Starting at: £895.00

    Small, timed water softener. Complete with fitting kit. Compact and economical with maximum performance. Learn More
  2. Medium timed water softener SF09T

    Starting at: £935.00

    Medium timed water softener. Comes complete with fitting kit. This medium sized water softener is compact and economical with a great performance. Learn More
  3. Large timed water softener SF14T

    Starting at: £990.00

    Large timed water softener. Comes complete with fitting kit. Compact model with small foot print and maximum performance. Learn More

Set Descending Direction

3 Item(s)