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Water softeners collect hard water salts from your water that form limescale with its associated problems - staining on taps and sanitary wear, calcium build up on heating elements and shower heads even abrasion to delicate skin inflaming eczema and other sensitive skin conditions. Eradicate limescale and save time and money or just enjoy the luxury of silky soft with a Silverline water softener.

Efficiency depends on balancing the size of treatment cylinder, the amount of water needed at any one time and the number of people in the family. To cater for different lifestyles and budgets Silverline offer a wide range of effective systems in assorted sizes and types. Timed electronic water softeners are the ideal solution if you have regular water usage, Metered electronic water softeners if you have variable water usage. High flow & commercial water softeners are designed if you require a larger water flow rate. For off grid applications such as boats or if there is no electric available we even manufacture Non electric water softeners.

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All of our domestic systems are supplied complete with appropriate full flow fitting kit including inlet, outlet & bypass valves, full flow stainless steel hoses, drain and overflow hose's and various fittings. The units are also supplied with a Silverline UC06L under counter water filter system that inhibits limescale formation and improves the taste and quality of your drinking water buy removing chemicals. The UC06L filter is fitted before the main softening unit to provide a "hard water line" for drinking water.  Choice is dictated mainly by lifestyle and the number of household occupants but sometimes additional factors such as pressurised water systems and mega flow boilers should be considered. If you have any doubt which would be most suitable our friendly sales team is always pleased to assist.

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  1. Small, timed water softener SF04T

    Starting at: £895.00

    Small, timed water softener. Complete with fitting kit. Compact and economical with maximum performance. Learn More
  2. Medium timed water softener SF09T

    Starting at: £935.00

    Medium timed water softener. Comes complete with fitting kit. This medium sized water softener is compact and economical with a great performance. Learn More
  3. Large timed water softener SF14T

    Starting at: £990.00

    Large timed water softener. Comes complete with fitting kit. Compact model with small foot print and maximum performance. Learn More

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3 Item(s)