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Private Water Supply Systems

We can supply the necessary equipment required to treat problem water in UK private water supplies (wells, boreholes, springs or rainwater supplies). As the manufacturer of the equipment, we can suggest and design a bespoke system, tailor made to deal with your specific water quality issues and requirements effectively.

Before deciding on any filtration system, the key questions you need to answer are:

  • What contaminant levels are in the water?
  • How much water will be used at the property? (i.e. total litres per day)
  • How fast does the water need to be treated? (i.e.peak flow rate per minute)
  • What is the water going to be used for? (e.g. drinking water for house, cattle troughs, irrigation)

Once this information is ascertained, we are pleased to suggest the most suitable and cost effective equipment to correct any problems and give advice on the installation.

If you have the required details about your water supply or need further advice please contact us.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I know what is in the water? The first step is to get a sample of your water tested in a laboratory and obtain a water test report. Look in your local business directories or the internet for Water Testing companies or contact your local council for advice. Testing companies charge for this service, but we will not charge for looking at your report and suggesting equipment.

What should the water test report include? Water tests are variable, but normally a detailed report should be obtained to include tests for any contaminants that would effect suitability for drinking water. Contaminants that exceed maximum levels for drinking water standards are normally highlighted by the testing company. Key issues we see and would ask levels for are:

Why do I need to treat the water? Some water quality issues make the untreated water undesirable to use because of general poor clarity, taste, colour or odour. Other issues can cause specific health issues (to humans and/or animals), cause damage to equipment and fittings, or if for use by the public may need to be treated simply to comply with water supply regulations.

What type of equipment will I need? The size, number and type of units varies according to the information you give us about your water quality and usage. With any private water supply we generally suggest a suitable Ultraviolet unit if used for drinking water for protection against bacteria. Other filters range from small 10" cartridge filters, to large cylinder self backwashing units, for issues such as high Iron & Manganese.

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